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Cyberbullying:  Solutions for Parents (4:33).  Cellphones, Facebook, Instant Messaging -- Kids use these tools to communicate with friends, but they can also abuse them. Common Sense presents tips and guidance on managing kids' digital lives to keep them safe, protected, respectful, and responsible.

Cyber-Bullying Tips for Parents

Here are some of the best links currently online to help families support children learning to be safe online and free from cyberbullying.  While many parents are not as comfortable with new technologies as their children, it is still important to be involved with family usage of Internet and communication technologies.

Children look up to adults for support, even with today's technology.  We have put together this set of links to make it easier for families to get information to share with youths. 

After carefully reviewing hundreds of Web-resources, we have selected those that offer good information in easy-to-follow formats.  This listing is presented in alphabetical order by Web-title. 

We have chosen not to classify these links into groupings because the dynamic nature of Web technologies and the depth and breadth of hyperlinked resources makes it impossible to proclaim any one website is only about any one topic.

This is the paradox of information science and library classification - in this case, a strict system of classifying resources actually hides information because identifying one way to use a given website implies that it may not be helpful for other purposes - not true with most online resouces. 

We hope our alphabetical listing is easy to scroll through.  We want parents to "click through" those links that sound helpful and see what those Webs have to offer without prejudging how any one Web might be useful.  Please be sure to also look at our links for youths and for teachers for more useful sites about online safety and cyberbullying.