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Kitchen Discussion: Cyberbullying (50 seconds). Girls sitting across from a kitchen table demonstrate - if you wouldn't say it in person, don't say it online.

Videos in the Classroom

The challenge when integrating online videos in the classroom is that  we all know that long videos, documentaries, and movies have never engaged all students.  To some kids, it actually becomes a time to sleep!  Most videos are not put together to be consistent with young learner's needs. 

Usually, this is not what TV producers, movie makers, or specialty production companies have in mind when they produce videos.  They need to sell to large markets.  The learning needs of any one group, especially children & teens, is often not considered.

 We are have identified some great cyber safety videos here, with an emphasis on cyber bullying.  If you are looking for a short video to stimulate meaningful dialog about being safe online, these  professionally produced public service announcements (PSA's) are exactly what you are seeking!